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Sturdy Property Inspections (SPI) is a Long Island based commercial property inspection company that specializes in multiple types of commercial properties and buildings. SPI has the skills and expertise needed to obtain the most information from a commercial Inspection.


Whether selling a warehouse, or purchasing an investment property, Investors and property managers alike have much to gain from hiring SPI for their next inspection project.


We offer multiple Inspection Services, so you can build your Inspection to fit you needs, budget, and time restraints for each investment. Using a typical Home Inspector to perform a Commercial Inspection is a risk that will end up costing you time and money.

Manage your risk by hiring SPI.


Sturdy Property Inspections is a proud member of the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA). The CCPIA is the industries leading association for commercial inspections, and our clients are comforted to know we perform all inspections in accordance to the CCPIA's commercial Standards of Practice.

Why hire SPI over a typical Home Inspector?

Your typical Long Island Home Inspector deals with residential properties on a day to day basis, and they are most likely pretty knowledgeable when it comes to your average home.


But a Commercial property is vastly different than a residential property, and when performing a Commercial Inspection, a Home Inspector may overlook crucial details unknowingly because of their inexperience with commercial systems and components.


At SPI, we have a team of Inspectors and Specialized Consultants who bring our clients a wealth of knowledge in • Commercial HVAC • Commercial Plumbing • Commercial Electrical • Commercial building Structure • Occupant Safety • Fire Suppression and Egress • Environmental Hazards • Accessibility (ADA) • Building Maintenance & Operations.


To the untrained Home Inspector, a Commercial Inspection may seem the same as a residential inspection. But to the trained professional, there is many elements that make a Commercial inspection very unique. Call us now for more information as to why hiring Sturdy Property Inspections for your next inspection project is educated decision for your investment.

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